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Petya Ransomware

A way of vaccinating your PC against the latest ransomware attack (dubbed Petya) has been published by various sources. You need to download this file , save it on your PC and run it as administrator. Apparently Petya will not run if it finds a read-only file

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CEO Fraud

What is it? If you work in accounts or finance, you may have had a CEO fraud email (if not, I can say with confidence you probably will get one soon). They’re those emails that seem to be from your MD (or company director, or CEO) and

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What to read, who to follow

It’s worth having a look at these websites or following them on Twitter if you’re interested in IT security: Brian Krebs. Used to be a Washington Post journalist, now an author and security blogger ( Website here, Twitter here) Bruce Schneier. All sorts of security news, IT and

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